Protein-free shampoo, nail growth serum and more currently the top beauty searches on Google: Spate

Less is more, and the same goes for shampoo. Consumers with curly hair are looking for a protein-free shampoo to maintain its bounce and body. Meanwhile, vitamins for hair, skin and nail growth are taking over from the topical solutions that consumers seek to grow and strengthen their nails.

Protein free shampoo

Protein-free shampoos are on the rise — which is great news for those with protein sensitivities or protein allergies, according to New York-based beauty trend track Spate. The protein-free shampoo is also an excellent choice for consumers looking to restore moisture and elasticity to dry, brittle hair.

On average, there are 1,900 searches each month in the United States for protein-free shampoo. This is a low volume compared to other searches for shampoos, although there was +44.8% growth in searches since last year. Currently, there is a market leader, Shea Moisture.

Consumers with curly hair are looking for protein-free shampoo because it can help curls retain their shape, strength and structure (searches for curly hair are up +4.7% YoY). Brand and pharmacy research indicates that consumers don’t want to waste a lot of money or time on a product they may be trying for the first time.

Spate encouraged brands to continue exploring the impact of protein on hair and skin and to consider innovating on other protein-free products.

Nail Growth Serum

Nail growth serum research reveals that consumers are looking for a product that can help them improve their natural nails quickly.

There are 2,700 searches on average each month in the United States, which is a relatively average volume compared to other nail products. It has seen +37.7% growth in searches since last year with market leader Sally Hansen.

Nail growth serums are designed to promote rapid, natural nail growth and strengthen nails so they are less prone to breakage and splitting. Related searches next to this product include best, DIY, review, works, homemade, after and before. Searches for the best and reviews indicate that consumers are relying on the internet to inform them about which nail growth serum to buy. And research from works, after and before indicates that consumers are wary or curious about the effectiveness of nail growth serum and whether it is an effective product or just another gimmick.

The search for “DIY” and “homemade” indicates that consumers are also looking to try making their own nail growth serum at home instead of buying a nail growth serum. Spate advises brands looking to expand their product line into nail growth serums to emphasize the effectiveness and unique value proposition of their nail growth serum, as consumers may not want to buy a product that produces similar results to something they can make at home. .

monolid eyeliner

The growing interest in monolid eyeliner reveals that consumers are looking for beauty products specific to the shape of their eyelids.

There are 2,500 searches on average each month in the United States for monolid eyeliner, which is a very low volume compared to other makeup searches. It has seen +79.0% growth in searches since last year. There is no market leader in the space.

Gone are the days of ignoring the shape of the face or the shape of the eyelids when applying makeup. Clearly, one size doesn’t fit anyone, as searches continue to rise for Monolids and Makeup (+16.0% YoY), Hooded Eyes and Makeup (+7, 4% over the year), and depressed eyes and makeup (+12.2% over the year).

Consumers are turning to the internet to teach them how best to apply eyeliner to eyes with monolides and the data backs it up – there’s an increase in searches for how-to, how-to, tutorial and how-to-apply. This reveals an opportunity for brands to showcase this product in video tutorials and educational content, alongside other tools and products needed to recreate monolid beauty looks, says the trend tracker.

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