Pür launches a cosmetics collection with Nabela Noor


Pure announced a collaboration with Nabela Noor, author, designer and CEO with more than 10 million subscribers on social media platforms, called Pür xo Nabela.

Noor is a first-generation Bangladeshi-American activist and founder of her own brands, Zeba and Saara & Begum, as well as her nonprofit scholarship program, Noor House. Noor is also the voice of several marginalized communities, including tall women, Muslims and women of color across the world.

Noor was heavily involved with Pür in the creative process from start to finish. She wanted the collection to focus on inclusiveness and multitasking products with shade names representative of her Bangladeshi heritage and filled with culturally rich ingredients such as turmeric and pomegranate.

“I hope the Pür xo Nabela collection inspires you to celebrate yourself a little more – find out what makes you gorgeous and becomes a staple in your beauty routines,” Noor said. “This collection was designed with your self-esteem journey in mind. I wanted each product to be a gentle reminder through the names, goals, and features that you deserve the love and care you so generously give to others.

“We love the vision that Nabela brought to this collection,” said Julie Campbell, vice president of marketing at Astral Brands. “Pür has had a close relationship with Nabela for years and our values ​​of kindness, inclusiveness, simplicity and well-being align perfectly. Nabela’s aura and work ethic reflect Pür’s ideal consumer. ; a person who is herself shameless, hardworking, strong and confident. Nabela really made this collaboration an effortless process and we were delighted to partner with her. “

The four-piece collection includes a turmeric-infused face wash and mask, as well as a round and versatile face, eye and cheek palette featuring eight pressed pigments. The eight shades were named by Noor, each representing his Bangladeshi roots.

The palette features a blend of pink blushes, matte browns, metallics and neutrals that are specially formulated to deliver unparalleled color rendering with highly blendable textures.

Consumers can buy the whole collection in line during the presale event from 10/29 to 11/03. The full launch will be officially live starting November 5 at 1 p.m. ET online.


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