Rare Beauty Lipstick and Lip Liner Review, Photos

  • Rare Beauty launched a new line of lipsticks and lip liners in early July.
  • Founder Selena Gomez said the “Gifted” shade was her favorite, so I picked both in that shade.
  • I loved the lipstick so much that it has a permanent place in my makeup bag.

I’m usually put off by celebrity beauty brands, but Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty turned out to be the exception.

I’ve tried almost every product the brand has to offer, from its famous liquid blushes to its tinted moisturizer, and I’ve loved them. So there was no doubt that I would choose the brand’s new matte lipstick and matching lip liner when it launched in early July.

Rare Beauty’s Kind Words Matte Lipstick retails for $20 and Kind Words Lip Liner is $15. I bought mine — both in the shade Gifted, which Gomez says is her favorite — from Sephora. The products are also sold on the Rare Beauty site.

After testing the products myself, the lipstick has earned a permanent place in my makeup bag.

The Rare Beauty Kind Words matte lipstick and lip liner in Gifted.

Rare Beauty launched these two products in early July.

Amanda Krause/Insider

The lip liner was a pretty shade but drying

The brand claims its lip liners are pigmented, smudge-proof, and creamy like a lip balm. You can either line your lips or fill them in, according to Rare Beauty.

The pencil immediately brought color and shape to my lips, but it wasn’t exactly like a balm. Instead, I would liken it to a soft pencil.

I tried using the pencil to completely fill in my lips, but the formula was too dry. Still, it was perfect for liner, as the consistency helped define my lip lines, without budging.

My lips without liner (top) and my lips with Rare Beauty's lip liner (bottom).

My lips without liner (top) and my lips with Rare Beauty’s lip liner (bottom).

Amanda Krause/Insider

I was sold on lipstick after just one shot

For the matte lipstick, Rare Beauty markets that it’s pigmented, buttery soft, long-lasting, and comfortable.

From my scans, this description is accurate. I only needed one swipe to cover my lips and the lipstick was super smooth on my skin.

I also found that the lipstick held up well throughout the day. It only started to fade after lunch. Even then, the remaining product looked like a stain that didn’t necessarily need touching up.

Journalist Amanda Krause wears Rare Beauty's lipstick in the shade Gifted.

I bought the Rare Beauty matte lipstick in the shade Gifted.

Amanda Krause/Insider

What I liked the most was the feel of the lipstick. It was comfortable from the moment I applied it until I took off my makeup at the end of the day.

Many matte lipsticks tend to settle over time, making your lips stiff and dry. With this formula, I barely noticed the product on my skin unless I looked in the mirror.

Reporter Amanda Krause wears Rare Beauty's Kind Words matte lipstick.

My lips after applying lipstick (top) and after having lunch (bottom).

Amanda Krause/Insider

I now want the lipstick in other colors too

Lipstick is worth every penny. After wearing it, I was looking forward to buying more colors. I could see myself using the lighter shades for the day and the darker colors like Gifted for special events or nights out.

While I liked Rare Beauty’s lip liner, I prefer the ones that can be worn alone. Because these are a little too dry for the latter and cost $15 each, I wouldn’t buy another one.

Once again, Rare Beauty has earned a place in my makeup bag. If you’re thinking of trying out the lipstick yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to make room in yours as well.

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