Real Housewives’ Crystal Kung Minkoff Breaks Down Her Favorite Beauty Products and We Love Everything Her Mom Has To Do With It

On a recent trip to Beverly Hills, by chance, I met Crystal Kung Minkoff from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at a party. When gently pressed to tell me about her favorite beauty products, her friend told me to settle down for what would be a bit of a short story: “It’s all Costco skincare!” They laughed, and Minkoff didn’t totally argue: “I’m pretty low-key, but I also have a mother who was passionate about prevention, which makes it easier.”

You say you’re “basic”, but there must be a few things you’ve used forever.

“When I say I’m basic, I’m not kidding! I’m very lucky because people send me a lot of things, but in general, everything I do comes from my mother, who worked in prevention. It really is the Asian way of staying out of the sun. I apply SPF 100 sunscreens. Even though I know it’s not much different from 30, I still like that extra percentage! I’m all about FPS; I keep spraying it on my face, everything. Over the past five to seven years, face masks have become very popular here, but we’ve been doing it in China for a long time. My friends in China do it every day, while I might do it once a week. I use MDSUN Super Brightening Masks ($178) – they are great. They are made by a Chinese doctor. I also use her SPF 50, then I use the Neutrogena SPFs for the face.

And then you have your own wellness business….

“Yes! I own a coconut water business and we have coconut oil that we don’t sell, but I make it myself. I apply coconut oil every day, from head to toe, after my shower.

Have you always been into wellness?

“Totally. It’s the Chinese in me, it’s about yin-yang and balancing food. I believe in herbal medicine, and I truly believe that whatever you put into your body is the reason why your skin is clear, why your skin looks young, why your skin looks healthy, why your skin looks supple, why your skin looks clear – and all of this has been ingrained in me ever since I’m a kid. That’s a lot of soup! We believe soup and body warming keep your blood circulating, which keeps your skin clean and clear. It’s not a super complicated routine, and it always has been. very natural content, with lots of green tea.I probably drink three to four cups of green tea a day, which I think is really good for deflating.

You’re not new to the show at this point, but is there anything you saw about your physical appearance that you wanted to change the first time you saw your face on TV ?

“Yes! My theory has always been to not wear makeup when it’s not necessary. I only wear makeup when I’m filming or going out to dinner, but even for dinner it’s very basic. I want to leave your skin breathe as much as possible. I never go to bed with makeup on my face. I don’t know how anyone does that! I do the wipes and then I do the scrubs; I’m all about clean skin. The thing about doing the show was I wanted to stay and look as natural as possible.

Unfortunately, I found out pretty quickly that it reads a little differently on TV – it’s like you don’t have any makeup on. In the end, I realized that adding a bit of eyelash extensions was key, because that’s how I feel. But, as long as my hair is styled, and as long as I put a little curl in my hair and add some lip gloss or Chapstick, I feel great.

Well, you still look great.

“Thank you; I love my lashes. I had them done this morning by Kylee, who’s been doing them for eight years. I just think a little lip gloss and a little blush is all you need. I like a fresh face. I think the less makeup you wear, the younger you look.

That’s good advice. Is there anything you like about the treatment?

“Actually, I haven’t done any of that yet. I would love to one day, but I still haven’t had Botox. I only did a super light peel, mainly because I have melasma. That’s my one thing I’m trying to work on; I don’t always treat it, but I work on it while staying out of the sun. I use the Gua sha tool, and have always used it. I know this is going to be a weird comment, so maybe I shouldn’t say it, but my mom taught me not to move my forehead at a very young age. This is the prevention part! I have always been very attentive to all this. I’m animated, but I still don’t like to use my forehead!

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