Rocket League has become a phenomenon since its release in 2015 and the change in strategy that made the game free to play has also paid off.

Like many other free-to-play titles, Rocket League operates on a seasonal basis with a battle pass system, in this case known as Rocket Pass. This allows players to earn freebies while they play and even upgrade it to a premium pass to earn more.

We have all the details available so far regarding Rocket League Season 5 and what to expect …

Rocket League Season 5 release date

Each Rocket League season lasts approximately three months. While there is no official confirmation of a start date, using this timeline we can estimate that Season 5 will begin on Thursday, November 11.

We don’t expect to hear anything about Season 5 for a little while as the Haunted Relics the event is currently running until after Halloween.

How much does the Rocket Pass cost?

If you want to earn additional content each season, you can purchase the bounty Rocket pass. There are two options available in every Rocket League season.

  • Rocket Pass Premium – 1000 credits (£ 10 / $ 10) – Access to over 70 levels of unique content.
  • Rocket Pass Pack – 2000 (£ 20 / $ 20) – All the bonus perks plus an all-new car, the Outlaw, and 12 auto-unlocked levels.

Unlike other games with a pass system, you cannot earn enough in-game currency to purchase the pass for subsequent seasons. It is only possible to earn 600 credits in each Rocket Pass.

In games like Fortnite and Warzone, you can unlock enough current by completing the Battle Pass to unlock future seasons for free. Games like Rocket Leauge and even Magic: the gathering arena have chosen to reverse this trend, however.

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