Salt water, dental floss and kina: the beauty products Matt Watson swears by

Even the saltiest Kiwi fisherman on earth has a beauty routine to trust.


Even the saltiest Kiwi fisherman on earth has a beauty routine to trust.

When I reached out my hand by Matt Watson team, asking him if he would do a “beauty shelfie”, I didn’t have much hope of getting an answer.

New Zealand’s most iconic fisherman, the burly, straw-haired man whose giant face is plastered over most hunting and fishing shops across the country, probably has more practical things to do with his time. Like catching trevallies for its popular ITM Fishing Showor host his new television series on Three, Building the Kiwi Dream.

I have always believed that beauty is for everyone. Sure enough, a surprise landed in my inbox: I hooked it!

“Grooming products?! Geez, I can’t think of anything but toothpaste,” Watson’s email began, before listing five of the most sensible and sensible beauty tips I’ve ever seen. I’ve never read. Except for putting toothpaste on pimples, someone gives the man Clearasil.

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Red Seal Baking Soda Toothpaste, $4.50

Obviously, I use it to brush my teeth, once a day, but it also dries up and scabs over pimples pretty quickly.

Colgate waxed dental floss, $8

I floss once a week, or after gnawing on a roast lamb bone or chewing on some overcooked venison. I always have dental floss on hand as it is great for attaching whips to my marlin lures, the waxier the better, for marlin lures.

Salt water

I don’t get many compliments on my hair other than teenagers and bogans who love my mullet. But in the summer, when I’m often in salt water and the sun bleaches my hair, some people ask me if I’ve done highlights, or what product I use… I just tell them it’s salt. ‘salt water.

It’s probably more that I’m in a good mood after being in the ocean because I’m usually in a good mood after a free dive.

Cancer Society Children’s Sunscreen SPF50+, $20

My face reacts quite badly to sunscreen due to a skin problem I have, but I found the Cancer Society sunscreen for sensitive skin to be quite good. But the best defense is a big straw hat, or if the wind picks up I switch to a visor and a buff scarf that covers my face.


Fresh seafood that you picked yourself would be my advice. Get fish, shellfish or kina and eat them raw straight out of the water. All of those omega oils and micronutrients are supposed to be good for you, but more importantly, it feels good to eat something fresh and organic that you just ate.

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