Sanfe is an Indian direct-to-consumer brand specializing in feminine hygiene, beauty and intimate care products. It was founded in 2018 by Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat.

The company has a recurring annual run rate of INR30cr (US $ 4 million) and is growing by approximately 25% month over month.

Sanfe first made a name for herself with organic period care products and two years later branched out into intimate skin care products.

Today, the intimate beauty space is the main growth engine of the company, representing 40 to 45% of the whole activity.

“I like to think that we have introduced intimate cosmetics to the Indian industry. Before, there were products for the face and the body, but there was no education to take care of intimate areas and women simply did not think of taking care of these areas ”,said Sehrawat.

The company has invested heavily in campaigns to shed light on the benefits of investing in intimate care products.

“There is still not enough notoriety in the market. Until today, we have only been able to enter level one towns. There is still a whole market in the cities of level two and three ”,said Sehrawat.

He said CosmeticsDesign-Asiathat the company was trying to expand its research to cities of level two and three. However, the challenge of educating consumers about feminine hygiene has turned out to be a huge undertaking.

“For cities of level two and three, we follow a different strategy. We don’t directly promote our intimate cosmetics, instead we launch other products that these consumers are already familiar with, such as menstrual care and body care, to build brand confidence.

The company believes that the intimate personal care segment will grow to include new product categories in the future.

“This is exactly what we envision. We want to make products for life, not products that you use once a week or once a month, but products that you use on a daily basis – lifestyle products.

Today, Sanfe offers around 50 to 60 intimate skin care products and currently has around 125 products in development.

In addition, she is working to reduce the prices of her products.

“These products are not affordable for the masses because the ingredients we use make them expensive. But we should be able to lower the prices for consumers so that it can become a mass product rather than a premium product. “

In addition to expanding across the country and working on products, the company is preparing to enter the offline market in about a year.

Sehrawat said the company is also exploring opportunities for the business to expand internationally.

“Based on our research, we will surely seek to enter South Asian countries like Nepal or Bangladesh. Apart from that, we are also studying markets like the United States. “

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