Seaweed Bath Company adds sustainable packaging and revamps its natural ingredients

Seaweed Bath Co., the ocean-inspired natural personal care brand, is getting a facelift for Summer 2022. The rebranding initiative includes a revamped look, new retail pricing with pricing on 18 of its current SKUs. lowering an average of 20% and a new focus on marketing, according to the company. The name change is expected to drive a 50% increase in retail sales among its more than 5,000 outlets nationwide, despite rising inflation and supply disruptions.

Seaweed Bath Co. was launched in 2010 with products specially formulated to improve dry and sensitive skin, but the brand has evolved and grown, with a renewed approach communicating the wider benefits of marine-derived ingredients for everyone. skin and hair types.

Refreshed packaging and appearance

As part of the refresh, Seaweed Bath Co. will introduce a fresh and clean look with new packaging, including a personalized bottle, with unified architecture and a consistent look across all products and ranges to create a strong brand block and unity. visual impact on the retail shelf. The modern design features holographic waves and typographic elements to surprise and delight and evoke the mesmerizing energy of the sea.

Focus on ingredients

The brand has always focused on its signature ingredient – sustainably harvested, nutrient-rich Atlantic seaweed (Bladderwrack) – but they have long used a very wide range of incredibly beneficial marine ingredients in their products, including seaweed, kelp, sea moss, sea grape and spirulina.

Reduced price

In addition to the new look, the brand is lowering the prices of 18 of its current references, with an average drop of 20%, to be more competitive and more accessible to consumers.

Sustainability efforts

Sustainability is an important part of Seaweed Bath Co., and its efforts to move forward include sustainably harvesting their seaweed, using recyclable packaging, creating a custom bottle to reduce waste from labels, the production of their bottles with post-consumer resin and the use of solar energy in their production. ease.

Marine Mammal Partnerships

Seaweed Bath Co. is also fulfilling a long-term goal of supporting ocean conservation with the launch of two new partnerships with marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation organizations: Pacific Marine Mammal Center and Marine Mammal Center.

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) is responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals stranded on beaches along the Orange County coast and is a member of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network which serves animals throughout the coastal states. -United. Seaweed Bath Co. will spotlight PMMC with quarterly social media takeovers to shine a light on the organization’s conservation efforts. The company also plans to offer individual and team volunteer opportunities with the organization.

The Marine Mammal Center (TMMC) is the largest marine mammal hospital in the world and rescues more marine mammals than any other organization in the world. The Seaweed Bath Co. recently adopted and named a whale through TMMC’s Name-a-Whale program and will continue to support and promote TMMC and its efforts.

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