Seed & Soul Society Receives Grant to Continue Development

When it comes to educating the community about growing and caring for their own gardens and food sources, Seed & Soul Society leads the way in Port Huron.

Founded by Heather Fagan, Tyler Moldovan, and Shannon Raynard in 2021, Seed & Soul Society is a nonprofit community with the goal of ending food insecurity in St. Clair County. They recently received a $22,500 grant from Lush Cosmetics to help them continue their mission.

Lush Cosmetics produces vegan or vegetarian based soaps, shampoos, perfumes and more. Operating facilities in 49 countries around the world, they are a major manufacturer in the world of cosmetics. Lush Cosmetics will sell Seed & Soul Society charity jars worldwide, with a portion of the proceeds going to further Seed & Soul’s mission.

Seed & Soul Society received its grant at the Lush store located in the Partridge Creek Mall in Clinton Township on Saturday. The grant will help them develop ADA-compliant gardens, social media presence and merchandising.

To learn more about Seed & Soul Society, click here:

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