“Skin care is my personal care”: How a beauty blogger deals with eczema


Over the years, Sellers has learned which products can help her skin stay hydrated – which is important for people with eczema because their skin doesn’t retain enough moisture – and which can trigger a flare-up. She even found that some products marketed for people with eczema can cause more harm than good.

“Some of the topical creams that help soothe irritation… [can] actually cause drought later, ”she said. “I really like finding products that not only help prevent irritation, but that you can also use consistently so you don’t have so many eczema flares.”

Managing eczema, she found, isn’t just about keeping your skin free from blemishes – or covering the inflamed patches with makeup. In fact, Sellers has learned that it’s not always worth hiding your eczema under layers of concealer, in part because makeup can contain irritating ingredients that trigger itching later.

I feel like I have scary caterpillars on my body.

Sellers Dana

For sellers, eczema itch is one of the most difficult symptoms to treat. “I can feel like I have scary caterpillars on my body,” she says. “It got to the point, especially in New York City, where I thought I might have had bed bugs. “

Plus, for sellers, beauty goes beyond foundation and bronzer. “I’m someone who doesn’t really like to put on makeup,” she says. “I really like going out natural.”

On their blog, Sellers primarily focuses on skin care, including products that can keep your skin healthy. She credits her skincare routine for keeping her complexion the same today as it was ten years ago.

When it comes to anti-aging products, Sellers is a fan of retinols, but she can’t use just any kind. “I prefer retinols as an oil because it’s a lower concentration,” she says. “It’s easier for my skin to handle. She also knows how to avoid using multiple anti-aging ingredients at the same time and always hydrate her skin.

Today, Sellers is following a simplified version of a customizable regimen known as the Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine. “Personally, I don’t feel like I need 10 steps,” she says.


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