Stephanie Lee recruited BIPOC mental health professionals while creating Selfmade

Selfmade was developed in partnership between Asian CEO Stephanie Lee, black beauty veteran Robyn Watkins and two black mental health experts, psychologist Dr Jeshana Avent-Johnson and psychiatrist Dr Byron Young, by selfmade. Selfmade prioritizes emotional well-being and helps us understand how mental health affects our skin and physical health.

Each product symbolizes a human psychological concept: attachment, resilience and intimacy. Lee told The List, “Our product philosophy revolves around psycho-dermatology with the aim of bringing awareness to the exact point where our emotional and mental well-being affects our skin and body function. This body-mind axis is essential for understanding the internal and external stressors that pull us out of healthy homeostasis, triggering stress, which in turn manifests in our skin.”

Representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) people in mental health and beauty is important, so people feel like they belong seeing others like them represented equally. Lee told us, “Communities of color remain vastly underfunded in mental health tools and conversations. Real access or lack of representation among practitioners, as 83% of psychologists in the United States are white. ” Provider discrimination is another factor, as people have a more positive experience when working with a same-race mental health provider (via National Library of Medicine). This is possible because people of the same race have similar life experiences, which makes it easier for them to bond with the provider of the same background.

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