Stranger Things New Merci Handy Skin Care Collection


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If your vanity products weren’t straight from Upside Down, have you even been to Hawkins, IN? In honor of Stranger Things Day on November 6 – aka the day Will Byers went missing in 1983 and the day Eleven opened the door to the Upside Down, freeing the Demogorgons – cosmetics brand Merci Handy released a Vegan skin care kit, monster -free, made with natural ingredients, and comes in a clear fanny pack (because of course it does).

In the same way that Steve Harrington always manages to style his hair flawlessly as he fends off supernatural creatures with a studded baseball bat, the limited-edition collection includes everything a teenage boy battling paranormal aliens could ever need. ordinary week. See the cassette tape upside down on the theme of the VCR Vol. 1 for hand sanitizer gel in Starcourt-inspired packaging, a hand moisturizer that “unveils spicy and woody notes in an oriental vanilla trail” and a walkie-talkie love holder. Return to Upside Down Tape Vol. 2 for a supernatural bath bomb, hand sanitizer gel, and moisturizing exfoliating soap (for softer skin than a baby unicorn).

If you’re in a real rush and need to get out to help Mike and the gang ASAP, the fanny pack includes everything from both bands. Plus, there’s room if you want to add a lip balm or a few waffles as a snack, but we recommend keeping them in the freezer. Purchase the full Stranger Things x Thanks Handy collection in advance and watch the season four trailer here.


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