Studio 17 Cosmetics and Wellness enhances natural beauty

IMaintaining your youthful appearance has never been easier. But the real secret of lasting beauty is a balance between inner and outer well-being. That’s the philosophy behind Studio 17 Cosmetics and Wellness, a full-service medical spa in Hoboken. Their goal is “to enhance her natural beauty, not change her.”

The Studio 17 Cosmetics and Wellness office offers plenty of natural light and a relaxing atmosphere. “It’s clean and neat. It has an intimate feel,” says Dr. Briza Walter, MD, Medical Director. “The atmosphere is zen. Nearly 100% of people who walk in say, “Wow, I can’t remember having such a bad day.” They can’t wait to come to us,” she adds.

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Services available at Studio 17 Cosmetics and Wellness

Studio 17 makes aesthetic injectables such as Botox, Juvederm and Kybella. They also focus on skincare, with customizable facials, DiamondGlow, RF microneedling, Bodicurrent, PDO Thread lifts and AquaGold Fine Touch. “RF microneedling is a favorite of our patients,” says Joanna Leach, Administrative Manager. “They love the tightening effect and reduced pore size.”

One of their new treatment options is Bodicurrent, which uses microcurrent frequencies to increase stamina, stamina, and strength; it can also help build muscle and tone the body. Meanwhile, future plans for Studio 17 Cosmetics and Wellness include adding laser treatment services.

“The reason patients come and stay is because there’s a level of trust,” says Dr. Walter. “We really care about our customers. We are there for them. It’s not just a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. routine. In fact, Dr. Walter tries every machine and procedure on herself first. “We know from experience. We don’t sell you a filler if it’s not the best filler for the job. We are not loyal to the brand, we are loyal to the results,” she adds. Also, if there is an unexpected reaction to treatment or a medical question arises, Dr. Walter can help. “We have a strong safety net and a sense of security.”

About Dr. Briza Walter

Dr. Walter is always candid with patients. She is a proponent of educating patients about risks and alternatives, explaining how good skin correlates with diet and sunscreen use. “It’s about staying true to yourself and being honest with the anatomical structure of the patients,” she says.

Dr. Walter not only owns and operates Studio 17 Cosmetics and Wellness, but she oversees all procedures. She began her medical career as an OBGYN/surgeon in New Jersey. She has a passion for minimally invasive procedures and helping patients achieve their ideal look. Dr. Walter believes that feeling good, being healthy and looking your best play a role in healing, mental health and self-esteem.

Dr Briza Walter
Dr Briza Walter

Visit Studio 17 Cosmetics and Wellness at 601 9th Street in Hoboken. (Click here to find them on Google Maps.) Dr. Walter also has a second office open in Pine Brook/Montville. (Click here to see this location.) To learn more: Click here to visit their website | Follow them on Instagram | Click to call them.

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