Summer’s Eve® Elevates Intimate Skincare with New Spa Collection

Leading intimate care brand launches products to cleanse and soothe delicate skin

TARRYTOWN, NY, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, self-care and wellness have risen to the top of our daily to-do lists as a way to feel better physically and mentally. In fact, even as consumers begin to slip back into more “normal” routines, many still plan to continue using their self-care routine as a way to relax and unwind*. Even the smallest additions to your regular routine can leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. Ending the day with a soothing bath or shower and making time for your full-body skincare regimen can make all the difference. Head of Intimate Care, Summer’s Eve®, makes skin care for the intimate area more luxurious than ever to create a daily care moment for consumers. This month, the brand is thrilled to launch its Spa collection that will take cleansing and pampering to a new level of relaxation. The new range includes Spa Luxurious Wash and Spa Intimate Skin Serum which are now available to enhance the daily intimate care routine!

As intimate care experts, Summer’s Eve® knows the importance of taking care of the intimate skin, which is why they have launched the new Spa Luxurious Wash – the first step to cleaning the external vaginal area and leaving the skin hydrated. This new addition to Summer’s Eve® gently cleanses with a creamy, silky lather for a hydrated, fresh feeling after showering. The cleanser’s pH is also balanced to match the natural pH range of the intimate area and provides a relaxing spa experience with its soothing scent of chamomile blended with essential oils. Summer’s Eve® Spa Luxurious Wash provides long-lasting freshness and leaves skin feeling pampered.

Elevate daily routines, Summer’s Eve® expanded its product line to include the Spa Intimate Skin Serum. This addition to the regimen will make every day feel like a day at the spa. Ideal after showering, grooming or before bedtime, Spa Intimate Skin Serum can be applied to the outer vaginal area to comfortably hydrate, smooth and soften delicate intimate skin. This product is gentle, safe and pH balanced for the outer intimate area and is formulated with skin-loving ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe and coconut oil. Summer’s Eve® Spa Intimate Skin Serum is the perfect last step to your at-home spa day experience to feel rejuvenated and ready to relax. Studies show that nine out of ten women agree, the new Summer’s Eve Spa collection pampers your intimate skin**.

“For years, our brand has been dedicated to providing gentle intimate care for women, and now, with many of our brand’s fans who are also beauty enthusiasts, we wanted to create something special for them to improve their daily routine,” said Jeanne Collins, Vice President of Marketing at Prestige Consumer Healthcare. “The new Spa Collection offers luxurious intimate spa-worthy care so that every woman has the opportunity to enhance her daily cleansing and care.”

Summer’s Eve® The Spa collection and the full line of products from the Summer’s Eve® brand are designed for a woman’s most intimate area. Each product is gynecologist tested, gentle enough to use every day, and free of dyes, alcohol, and parabens.

The new summer’s eve® Spa Collection will be supported by the brand this spring and summer through social media, digital and public relations marketing initiatives. The line is now available at grocery, drug and mass merchandise stores nationwide as well as on Amazon.

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About Summer’s Eve®
summer eve® has focused on women-only cleansing products since 1972. As a trusted leader in intimate care, the brand is known for developing personal care products tested by gynecologists and dermatologists for safety and helping women feel fresh daily. As the needs of women around the world change, Summer’s Eve® is dedicated to evolving and offering a wide range of products that fit into a woman’s life. Learn more at

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The Company markets and distributes over-the-counter branded products in the United States and Canada, Australia, and in certain other international markets. The Company’s brands include Monistat® and women’s health products Summer’s Eve®, B.C.® and Goody’s® painkillers, clear eyes® eye care products, DenTek® specialty oral care products, Dramamine® motion sickness treatments, Chloraseptic® sore throat treatments, Compound W® Wart Treatments, Small Remedies® over-the-counter pediatric products, The Doctor’s® NightGuard® dental protector, Efferdent® denture care products, Luden’s® throat drops, Beano® gas prevention, Debrox® earwax remover, Gaviscon® antacid in Canadaand Hydralyte® rehydration products and the Fess® range of nose and sinus care products in Australia. Visit the company’s website at

*Mintel: U.S. Personal Care Consumer Market Report 2021
**RTi, IHUT Summer’s Eve Spa Wash report, October 2021

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