The cool beauty products hairstylist Sky Cripps-Jackson uses on herself

Sky Cripps-Jackson's own hair always looks great — read about her favorite products below.


Sky Cripps-Jackson’s own hair always looks great — read about her favorite products below.

Stylist Sky Cripps-Jackson is quietly confident at the top of her game. Returning to Aotearoa during the pandemic years, she recently returned to her London base – where she had previously worked as a freelance stylist for some of the biggest names in hairdressing.

Cripps-Jackson’s beauty routine is practical and expressive, just like her work. You’ll find reliable, locally-made staples and playful accessories that match its low-maintenance approach.

Botaniq Replenish Creme for wavy hair, $53

This is the best conditioner in town for wavy/curly hair types. It restores the hair to its optimal state by replenishing the hydrolipidic layer of the hair, improving resilience, softness and shine.

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The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum, $13

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that helps prevent acne and eczema. I use it daily under my moisturizers to negate the effects of daily mask use and it has helped me stave off acne during this time.

F… Nails luxury press on nails, from $50

Designed by local nail artist Jacelyn, they come in a range of fun designs that are easy to apply and spice up any outfit without damaging your natural nail.

Curionoir Ngutu Pā, $50

This is my favorite scent blend for winter; with notes of cocoa, rose, vanilla and oud, it is warm and soft on my skin.

BySky x Gloria Lilith Tiara, $120

This collaboration between me and Kristine Crabb is my daily meeting. Hand-tied silk tiaras and sashes that effortlessly add a touch of style and romance, making every day special.

Maryse Enzyme Refined Cleansing Balm, $55

It’s my favorite daily cleanser to keep my skin hydrated and healthy.

GHD Rise Hot Brush, $310

This hot brush is the perfect complement for 1B-2C hair types (mine is 2B). It helps smooth frizz, enhance curls and is so easy to use. The ceramic body also helps protect against heat damage – not to like.

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