1 – Next stage of growth? Company behind Perfect Diary refocuses on skincare as makeup fades

Yatsen Holdings, the company behind popular makeup brand Perfect Diary, is focusing its efforts and resources on skincare, which it believes will be key to the company’s future growth.

Founded in 2016, Chinese cosmetics unicorn is one of China’s most successful beauty brands. The company’s flagship brand, Perfect Diary, claims to be one of the top makeup brands in China by online retail sales value.

However, the company was hampered by what it observed as the color cosmetics category slowed amid decelerating general consumer spending in China.

“This extended into the Singles’ Day promotion period between Nov. 1 and Nov. 11, during which sales of color cosmetics on Tmall fell single digits from the low single digits. ‘last year”,said Huang Jinfeng, founder, CEO and chairman of the company.

2 – Intimate Business: India-based Sanfe Targets “Underserved” Feminine Hygiene Market in Lower Tier Cities

Feminine hygiene brand Sanfe is aiming to expand into lower-tier cities in India, where it believes it can fill a major gap in the market.

Sanfe is an Indian direct-to-consumer brand specializing in feminine hygiene, grooming and intimate care products founded in 2018 by Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat.

The company has a recurring annual run rate of INR 30cr (US$4 million) and is growing around 25% month-on-month.

Sanfe first made a name for itself with organic menstrual care products and two years later moved into intimate skin care products.

3 – Monster hit: KATE struggles to keep best-selling mask-friendly lipstick in stock as demand surges

Japanese makeup brand KATE is facing supply issues as demand for its best-selling mask-compatible lipstick, Lip Monster, soars among consumers.

KATE is a very popular consumer makeup brand owned by Kanebo, a subsidiary of the large personal care group Kao Corporation.

In November, Kanebo was forced to issue an apology for failing to meet market demand for Lip Monster, a transfer-resistant, mask-compatible lipstick it launched more than six months ago in Japan.

“We received a strong market response immediately after its release…it was a big hit and the product was in short supply. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers,” Kanebo said in a statement released to the press.

4 – Zen for your skin: Taiwanese brand Phytoflow claims to unlock the benefits of meditation with natural extracts

Taiwanese cosmetics company 3dL Inc. is launching a new series of skincare products that claim to mimic the effect of meditation on the skin with natural extracts by increasing the release of beta-endorphin.

The company is an original design manufacturer (ODM) that owns beauty brands such as Ujelly and Horaios.

Recently, the company launched a new brand, Phytoflow, which was developed in response to what it sees as beauty consumers’ interest in wellness.

“With COVID-19 still looming around the world, uncertainty and anxiety are still present in day-to-day life. This influences not only a person’s mental state, but also the appearance of her skin. We have all seen the market trends and believe that skincare products related to relaxation and well-being are the future, even in the post-pandemic era,” ​said Timmy Pan, Global Product Development Manager at 3dL Inc.

5 – PODCAST – Keeping Traditions Alive: Feniu Founder on Using Beauty as a Platform to Showcase Tongan Culture

In this episode of Indie Pioneers, we chat with Mele Olivetti, the founder of Tongan beauty brand Feniu, who is on a mission to use her brand as a platform to share the heritage and culture of a small nation. island with the world.

Olivetti was born in Australia but grew up in a Tongan family that practiced the use of coconut-infused oils in daily beauty rituals for face, body and hair.

“Coconut oil was a really crucial part of my beauty education… It was the only product used to nourish the skin of the tongue for your face and for your body, but also for your hair. “

Feniu was designed to showcase Tonga’s culture, heritage and traditions, as well as to highlight its local agricultural products.

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