In our free time, you’ll often find us memorizing Hailey Bieber’s beauty routine like our lives depend on it.

To buy every product in it skin care routine to track down the exact claw pliers she uses – we want it all.

Not because we’re crazy stalkers or anything, but because when it comes to beauty, Bieber just does it.

The model has such perfect skin that he can star in no selfie filter and look airbrushed regardless.

And as for her signature slicked up bun? We are discreet obsessed.

Luckily, it turns out we’re not the only ones with Bieber fever.

TikToker Arielle Lore recently had the opportunity to get the inside scoop from Bieber’s hairstylist on the key to perfecting the iconic hairstyle and achieving that oh so smooth finish, and the response was interesting.

“When I went to the Emmys this year, I had Kendall and Hailey’s hairstylist Irinel [de León] do my hair,” Lore said in the video. “She told me about Tancho, which is what they use to straighten their hair.”

The light wax pomade stick is known to smell like lavender, which it likens to “car air freshener.”

Tancho Tique Hair Styling Natural Wax Stick ($11.98 at eBay) is a relatively niche hair product, so even if you can find a few units within the confines of an eBay outlet, the shipping costs are astronomical.

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