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Let’s be honest, the long winter period from January 2 to March/April is somehow the worst. For most of us, these months are pretty “meh” – there are no super fun holidays (sorry, Valentine’s Day), the days are shorter, and unless you live on a coast, summer days on the beach are long gone.

Already want a sunny getaway in the sand and surf? Me too. Unfortunately, between a fully drained post-holiday bank account and the uncertain state of travel, a tropical vacation doesn’t seem to be on my cards. To satisfy my need for salt water therapy, I invested in a bottle of Sea Kale Clay Mask from Cocokind ($18), which is much cheaper than a getaway to a resort on the sea. of the Caribbean.


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It’s no secret that the ocean holds a sea of ​​healing properties for our body, especially for our skin. Salt, sand, seaweed – beauty brands have bottled these nautical superstars for years, giving us a slew of body lotions, serums, moisturizers, and more. Personally, I’ve always been drawn to these pelagic products (this includes the iconic La Mer face cream – a jar of this product can cost upwards of $2,500) – whether it’s because my sun sign is Cancer or that I’m just really impressed with their quality is TBD, but if you peruse my medicine cabinet, they’re beach ingredients galore.

But my new favorite happens to be this sea mask from Cocokind, the clean, conscious skincare brand adored by editors for its $30 or less skincare line. The Sea Kale Clay Mask is a saltwater lover’s dream, bottling the secrets of the sea in a mask that leaves skin soft, smooth and utterly sea worthy.

That’s because this clay mask is full of skin-loving stars. Scan the ingredient label and you’ll find blue kale extract, which is packed with antioxidants that promote healthy skin, calm irritation, and strengthen it against free radicals. You’ll also find the base is made with Glacial Ocean Clay, a natural detoxifier that lifts dirt and grime, shrinks pores, smooths and soothes.

But it’s not just the marine ingredients that run this ship. There are also potters, like cucumber seed extract for extra protein and gentle exfoliation, aloe leaf juice for hydration, and avocado oil for extra protection. Blended together, these ingredients form a heavenly mask that transports your skin on a beach getaway in the comfort of your own home.

Although it works like most masks (apply to clean skin, leave on for about 20 minutes, use a few times a week), I To do get professional advice. One follows with a dreamy creamy moisturizer. Although the formula is specifically designed to not dry you out, I find lathering up a face cream afterwards to be *chef’s kiss*.

Another tip: don’t forget to recycle the bottle when you’re done. Fun fact: the tube is actually made from sugarcane, which means it’s bio-based and fully recyclable (but note that they’re not biodegradable). Each bottle will last you a long time, but when you’re done, throw it in the recycling and not in the trash, especially if you want to save more ocean ingredients for the future.

The winter slump is here, and for most of us (myself included), it will be a long time before we see the ocean again. Instead, buy a bottle of Sea Kale Clay Mask from Cocokind for just $18 online or at Target. It’s the tropical getaway under $20 you and your skin didn’t know you needed.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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