Summers are an absolutely delightful time of year. Apart from the fashion trends of the season, what attracts us the most are the new beauty tips and trust us, summer is the perfect time to refresh your beauty routines. Hair care is an integral part of our beauty routine, but we all have unanswered questions and therefore consider them to be myths. Well, don’t worry! We’re busting all your summer hair care myths this time around and doing it with tips and facts suggested by experts. Read on to find out more.

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Myth # 1: Frequent shampooing damages hair

We’re sure we’ve all had this idea at some point, but the point is, it doesn’t damage the hair.

Expert advice: “The shampoo routine varies from person to person. Sometimes shampooing the hair is often necessary for people with an oily or sweaty scalp while it may not be necessary for people with an oily or sweaty scalp. dry scalp. Either way, it’s important to have a clean scalp at all times, even if it requires daily shampooing, ”says celebrity hairstylist Vaishakhi Haria, L’Oréal India Ambassador and founder of Splash The Salon and Mantastic Barbers.


Keeping your hair clean and healthy is essential

Myth # 2: Using lemon for hair care

Lemon is known for its vitamin C content, but it can also cause irritation.

Expert advice: “So lemon may actually help improve dandruff a bit, but it won’t cure it. It will cause scalp irritation and if it falls on the face it can cause a rash. Lemon, however, can bleach hair. , but it will leave the hair a little frizzy, dry and weird, ”says Dr. Kiran Sethi, Celebrity Skin & Wellness Expert, MD, Isya Aesthetics.

Myth # 3: Oiling Your Hair In The Summer Can Cause Problems

It’s a myth that hair doesn’t need oil in the summer. Oiling is a mandate that must be followed throughout the year.

Expert advice: “Oiling the hair in the summer creates a shield to protect your hair from sun damage. Sun damage can lead to excessive dryness and dull texture of the hair. makes it stronger and prevents breakage. It works all year round and the main benefit of the oils is the fatty acids they contain which replace the lipids lost in the hair “, explains Rubina Zoya, Beauty and Hair Expert at Innisfree India .


Oiling is essential throughout the year

Myth # 4: conditioner isn’t necessary for oily hair

Who says oily hair doesn’t need conditioner in the summer? Oily hair is caused by excessive secretion of sebum on the scalp. But that doesn’t rule out the importance of a conditioner.

Expert advice: “It’s a natural process. However, it doesn’t reach the end. A conditioner is essential for the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to maintain your hair’s moisture level. There are many after-effects. – Lightweight shampoos available for these hair types, ”suggests Haria.

Myth # 5: Repair dandruff by oiling your hair

Oiling may be the perfect solution for most of your hair care problems, but dandruff is not one of them.

Expert advice: “In fact, oiling the hair will make it worse because it will make your scalp more prone to stickiness, so oiling is not the case with dandruff,” says Dr. Kiran.

Myth # 6: Home remedies work for all hair types

Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work or for another.

Zoya explains that some ingredients can be extremely harsh on the scalp.

Expert advice: “Home remedies aren’t always a safe option to try because we don’t know how the ingredients are grown or how much chemical fertilizer was used to grow particular ingredients,” she says.

She further explains, “Make sure you are using the right hair care remedies for your hair type that are gentle and non-irritating. Avoid using lemon, apple cider vinegar, beer rinse and tea tree oil directly on your scalp which can be aggressive to the scalp. “

Hair care expert tips to follow for the summer

  • Keep your hair hydrated as summer hair conditions such as dryness and split ends can be relieved by including deep conditioning treatments in your summer hair regimen.

  • Change your shampoo and conditioner to suit the new season or the changing climate.

  • If you tend to sweat a lot in the summer, shampoo your hair often and keep your scalp clean at all times. If the sweat dries up on the scalp, it can make the scalp scaly.

  • Use aloe vera, which is mostly high in water, as it is a great natural remedy for repairing dehydrated hair.

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