What is the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Metal Cosmetic Packaging market?


“Cosmetic packaging market”

The cosmetic metal packaging market was estimated to be ~ 4.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~ 4% in terms of value throughout the forecast period, as the demand for food, beverages increases. and consumer packaging is estimated to drive the growth of the cosmetic metal packaging market.

Transparency Market Research provides key insights into the Cosmetic Metal Packaging market in its published report. In terms of revenue, the global cosmetic metal packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~ 4% during the forecast period 2019-2027, due to many factors, about which, TMR offers in-depth information and forecast in the Cosmetic Metal Packaging Market report.

Metal cosmetic packaging includes packaging formats such as tubes, bottles, pumps and dispensers etc. The main applications of metal cosmetic packaging are skin care, hair care, makeup and nail care products. The type and material of the container will vary depending on the shape of the cosmetic product and the capacity required. Majority of the manufacturers of metal cosmetic packaging solutions are concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region. Improving economic conditions, increasing income and increasing awareness of beauty in developing markets are the main factors influencing demand for beauty products, ultimately increasing demand for cosmetic metal packaging solutions. . The focus of metal cosmetic packaging manufacturers on innovative and attractive packaging has grown significantly over the past decades. Leading manufacturers of metal cosmetic packaging have started to regard efficient packaging as an essential attribute of product marketing.

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The global metal cosmetic packaging market has been segmented into product, material, application, capacity, and region. By product, the global metal cosmetic packaging market has been segmented into tubes, bottles, pumps and dispensers etc. Bottles segment is expected to create the highest incremental $ opportunity of ~ 610 million US dollars before the end of the forecast period. By material, the global metal cosmetic packaging market is segmented into aluminum and tin. Aluminum segment is expected to register a CAGR of ~ 4%, during the forecast period. By application, the global metal cosmetic packaging market has been segmented into skin care, hair care, makeup and nail care. Skin Care Segment Expected to Create Highest $ Additional Opportunity of ~ US $ 680 Mn at the end of the forecast period. By capacity, the global metal cosmetic packaging market has been segmented as less than 5ml, 5ml to 10ml, 11ml to 15ml and above 15ml. In terms of capacity, the 11-15ml segment is expected to create the highest $ incremental opportunity of ~ US $ 626 million, with a market share in value of 36.5% in the metallic cosmetic packaging market at the end of 2027.

Packaging as a communication and promotion medium

Over the past decade, the major players in the cosmetics and personal care industry have mainly focused on marketing. In order to improve brand visibility, manufacturers are now emphasizing packaging as a “key differentiator”. This factor has increased the demand for cosmetic products, improved the rate of brand recall and broadened the consumer base. Different companies are exploiting all the opportunities to use packaging as a communication and promotion medium by offering a variety of printing options, which has led to a paradigm shift towards the personalization of packaging in the cosmetics industry.

Unroll the timeline of success

In ancient times, metal packaging was seen in the form of gold and silver boxes, as well as solid alloys. 1200 AC marked the start of tin plate production in Bohemia. Following this, the beginning of the 14th century saw the start of the use of tin containers for packaging food. Over time, metal packaging containers have found their application in several end-use sectors, including cosmetic packaging. Around 1966, the enactment of the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) gained traction, which required that all consumer products in interstate commerce be labeled informatively and honestly, with the FDA imposing regulations on food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices. The use of metal packaging for cosmetics has experienced a phenomenal boom in recent times as cosmetic manufacturers have recognized the need to reduce the use of plastic in packaging.

Decorative techniques to enhance the appearance

Brand owners are focusing more on improving the visuals of metal cosmetic packaging to help customers gain a competitive advantage. Many have embraced digital printing which provides opportunities to develop eye-catching colors and bold, striking visuals. Technological developments in digital printing continue to drive these efforts, bringing key changes to the cosmetic metal packaging landscape.

Sustainability emerges as a deciding factor for purchasing

Most of the metal cosmetic packaging manufacturers focus on providing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging for cosmetics, which has been one of the major factors affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions regarding cosmetics. . Recyclable packaging solutions such as metal packaging are therefore gaining immense popularity among cosmetics manufacturers.

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Trend towards weight reduction to stimulate innovation

Weight reduction has been a rapidly growing trend in the cosmetic metal packaging industry over the past decade. This trend allows packaging manufacturers and cosmetics brand owners to reduce their environmental footprint, improving their sustainability credentials, while lowering overall costs. By developing lighter metal cosmetic packaging, less material is used, while reducing energy consumption for distribution and logistics purposes.

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