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YouTube takes it a step further with live streaming this holiday shopping season with a new weeklong event.

The social media platform is hosting its first YouTube Holiday Stream & Shop live streaming event starting November 15. The event features a range of designers who will each host their own day of live streaming to sell their own brand products and deliver exclusive deals through fashion. , beauty, entertainment and more categories.

“The vision for shopping on YouTube is really around the idea of ​​how we can create an entertaining shopping experience that is shopping, but really about the value of entertainment,” said Bridget Dolan, chief purchasing officer of Youtube. “The secret sauce lies with the creators of YouTube who have deep passion and experience regardless of their category, so they already sell products organically. “

Programming for the YouTube Holiday Stream & Shop event begins November 15 with the Merrell Twins, the live stream of which will include offers from Walmart, Samsung and Verizon. On November 17, the live broadcasts will be hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay and Donut Media. Beauty influencer Patrick Starrr will host his livestream on November 18, offering deals and unveiling new products from his own beauty brand, One / Size. Beauty influencer Jackie Aina will host the live stream on YouTube on November 19 and feature offers from her lifestyle brand, Forvr Mood, followed by beauty influencer Manny MUA on November 21, who will showcase her brand’s products. beauty, Lunar Beauty. The live shopping event will end on November 22 with MrBeast, whose live stream details are still under wraps.

“It was really about giving [the creators] the platform to take their ability to sell the products they’ve created based on their experience, expertise, and building that fanbase on YouTube to the next level, ”Dolan continued. “We thought, how do we give them a stage and a place to launch their hot new product for the holidays?”

Viewers will be able to purchase products directly through the live broadcasts. They can also interact with the creators by participating in live polls and Q&A.

Throughout this year, YouTube has been testing live purchases with a few of its creators. The platform has hosted live broadcasts with such figures as beauty influencer Hyram Yarbro, who launched their Selfless skincare brand in June, and Simply Nailogical, which launched their Holo Taco nail line. during a live broadcast on YouTube.

“Ultimately, we’ll create more spaces for brands and marketers to have the ability to sell the products they want in different ways,” Dolan said of YouTube’s business goals. “They can either sponsor designers or sell their own products and merchandise directly.”

The Holiday Stream & Shop event is YouTube’s latest advancement in live streaming, which has become an increasingly popular medium in the beauty world as many seek live broadcasts for more educational and entertaining storytelling. around a brand.

YouTube’s strategy for commercial content has three parts, with the platform focusing on promoting purchasable videos, personalized purchases and live broadcasts.

“YouTube is a fantastic shopping experience because viewers already have this strong buying intention,” Dolan said. “It’s that combination of designer perspectives and genuine word of mouth where they talk about a product that they love, but also brands have a real opportunity to tell their brand story and bring things to life. . It’s a mix of really fantastic quality experience for users to come in and make good buying decisions.


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